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Evening Programs


  • Adult Leader Meeting, 7:30, Program Center: A first day orientation to prepare you for the rest of the week. Please send at least one adult leader from your unit and bring advancement changes as well as any blue cards that have not been put in mailboxes.
  • Campwide Tours, 7:30, Main Camp: An opportunity for new Scouts to become familiar with the layout of camp and returning Scouts to be introduced to changes from previous years. The tour will conclude at the Grand Council Ring for the Opening Campfire.
  • Opening Campfire, 8:15-9:00, Grand Council Ring: Following dinner sit back and enjoy the staff welcoming you home with skits, songs, and special messages.
  • Cracker Barrel, 9:00-9:30, Dining Hall: Following the campfire you will have a chance to meet the staff while enjoying some special treats.


  • Search for the Golden Remote, 7:45- 9:00, Main Camp: The staff forgot to pay their monthly fee to the TV company and reset the remote control. The help of the Scouts is required to find all of the codes and most important the Golden Remote! Meet at the flagpole at 7:45 in patrols of 4-8. 


  • Unit Campsite Cookout, 6:30, Your Campsite: Each unit will select and cook their evening meal in their campsite. Tuesday afternoon, the staff will deliver a cooler full of your food to your site. At the Leader meeting, you may request certain staff members to eat at your campsite. Expect about 3 staff to eat with you (don’t worry about their food when ordering). Only those in the 85% Club, will have the option of having steaks. Have your garbage sorted and tied by the road by 8:00 PM for pick-up.
  • TV Dinner Challenge, 7:00-8:30, Your Campsite: A TV Dinner is not about the food but the show enjoyed with it. This year, entries will be judged less on the food and more about the show. Try your best to include a square meal and present it in a way that it makes it feel like the TV is right in front of the judges!


  • Picnic/Visitor Night, 3:30-7:30, Main Camp: Invite your friends and family to camp for a visit, tour, and meal. During the afternoon visit program areas. Then join us for our picnic style meal at 6:00. Tickets for this meal may be purchased in the Program Center for $5 a plate.
  • OA Call Out Ceremony, 8:00-9:00, Grand Council Ring: Each Scoutmaster should talk with the OA Coordinator, on Sunday to discuss your unit’s involvement with the OA during your stay. Wednesday night, all guests should assemble outside the Grand Council Ring gateway at 7:30. Your unit should assemble quietly in a single-file line at the same time and will be let in after the guests. Tom Kita Chara Lodge’s Call Out Ceremony has been the finest Ceremony for nearly 75 years.


  • OA Brotherhood Ceremony, 7:45-8:10, Ordeal Ceremony, 8:15-9:00, Arrow Bowl: All Order of the Arrow members are encouraged to attend these induction ceremonies.
  • Tesomas On Demand, 7:45-9:00, Main Camp: Have you ever wanted to enjoy open program in the evening? Well, now you can with Tesomas on Demand! Open boating, ultimate frisbee, and COPE games just to name a few! Take advantage of this Thursday night special!


  • Closing Campfire, 7:45-8:30, Grand Council Ring: To finish off your last night with us, we will have some special entertainment and recognitions to share with you. Some units will be chosen to perform skits or songs for the rest of camp to enjoy.


  • Slideshow, 8:30-8:45 am, Dining Hall: Following breakfast, we will present your very own slideshow filled with memories of your week. A copy can be purchased in the program center upon checkout. Proceeds from these sales go to further our technology.




















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